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Parkway Manufacturing Company, Inc.

707 Industry Drive 

Hampton, VA - 23661

Phone - (757) 896-9712

The picture above and below are of a job we did to lengthen a Liebherr Excavator Stick by several feet. Parkway Manufacturing designed and built the extension section then fitted it to the existing stick. The finished stick was primed and top coated with Bennett Paint Industrial enamel in Liebherr Yellow.

This stick extension was welded using 100% welds and A572 steel. After welding in the extension and cover plate was fitted and welded to provide further stiffening and strengthening to the extension area. This job was supplied to a material suppliers and operator of a local sand pit in Isle of Wight County, Virginia


The photos above and below are of a excavator stick repair done to a Liebherr stick that was almost broken in two. The above photo shows where the twisted and broken ends were removed and a splice was inserted. The repaired area was then covered with a cap to further strengthen the repaired area. As seen on the edge this repair was done with 100% weld joints.

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Parkway Manufacturing, Inc.

707 Industry Drive

 Hampton, Virginia - 23661

Owner:  Walter Schultz

Manager: Barbara Mastej

Phone - (757) 896-9712

Examples of some of our services include: 

Heavy Steel Manufacturing and Sub-contract Manufacturing.

Motor Lanterns, Machinery Foundations, "C" Face Motor Adapters.

Brackets, Braces, Supports, Adapters

Functional & Decorative  Architectural & Ornamental "Wrought Iron" Design and Installation.

Porch, Deck & Stair Railings.

Precision and General Machining.

Contract Torch and Plasma Arc Cutting.

Field welding and repair services.

Machine Rebuilding

Dock leveler installation.

Miscellaneous structural manufacturing. 

HVAC Equipment Supports, Mezzanine, Cat Walks, Access Stairs

Manufacturing and installation of protective Bollards and curb guards.

Manufacturing and installation of Truck Racks, Ladder Racks & Custom Truck Beds

Manufacturing and sales of Bicycle Racks, Plant Stands, Fireplace Log Racks, "Wrought Iron" Picnic Table Frames

Examples of some of our Processes include: 

CAD/CAM Computer-controlled Gantry Flame and Plasma Cutting

Lathe work (Turning, Facing Boring and threading)

Milling Work (Face, side and end milling)

Drill press work, Precision and Radial

Welding, MIG, Tig and Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW or "Stick") Welding

Sheet metal shearing and bending. Both Box & Pan and Press Brake work

Plate rolling

AR Steel Fabricating (Abrasion Resistant Steel)

Saw Cutting

CNC Torch & Plasma cutting

Custom Design

Electrical, Hydraulic and Mechanical Assembly

On Site welding and repair 

We have many other special needs services which we can provide.  Just ask, by calling or sending an email.

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